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Light Bulb Guide

Our star lamps are all equipped with high quality ceramic sockets that use various common types of incandescent bulbs.

Keep in mind that a higher watt bulb will result in more heat. If you use higher wattage bulbs, take precaution; don't touch the lamp, as the metal housing can get hot. Keep it away from garments and curtains. I am sure this is nothing new to you. Any other table or reading lamp gets hot as well if you use strong bulbs. It just had to be pointed out here so we don't get in troubles. :)

We ship our starlights with the following bulbs:

Lamps with Flame Tip Bulbs (Candelabra - Small Base E12)

9" Tin Star Lamps Chandelier Base Bulb 10W
9" Glass Star Lamps Chandelier Base Bulb 40W
12" Tin Star Lamps Chandelier Base Bulb 40W

Candelabra - Small Base E12:
You can fit higher wattage bulbs in these as well. Most lamp and hardware stores will carry a wide assortment of Candelabra base bulbs. The strongest commonly found Flame Tip bulbs are usually 60 Watt.


Lamps with Bullet/Torpedo Bulbs (Standard - Base E26)

12" Glass Star Lamps Bullet/Torpedo 40W
16" Tin Star Lamps Bullet/Torpedo 40W
16" Glass Star Lamps Bullet/Torpedo 60W
18" Glass and Tin Star Lamps Bullet/Torpedo 60W

Standard - Base E26:
You can replace the standard bulbs with a higher wattage one if you wish; the ceramic E26 sockets can take up to 100W bulbs. To avoid excessive heat and conserve energy, you may use Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFL) or LED Bulbs in the 15" and  18" stars.